Monday, 23 May 2016

Original Worx

Original Worx” – that’s what the local artists Ben Ceccato and Ali Ratcliff believed when they first started working together and this Thursday and Friday night they will prove it to you. From 7:30 pm the air of Griffith Regional Theatre will be filled with music that originated right here in the Riverina.

“Choices for the community to see cover bands are not in short supply. But to see musical ideas that have been spawned in this community are few and far between. And we are ready to give to the community of Griffith an energetic performance of songs. It's going to be memorable.” promise the two local artists who have written everything from the guitar riffs to the melodies performed on the night with hints of genres spanning rock, folk, blues, funk and even a bit of good ol' country.

Tickets are available at Griffith Regional Theatre and are between 20 and 35 $


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