Monday, 4 November 2013

Fare well, Jamie Boyd

Western Riverina Arts is pleased to bring Monkey Baa Theatre's Goodbye Jamie Boyd to Leeton's Roxy Theatre for performances for local schools and the general public.

"This show has been widely praised for raising issues like mental illness in a theatre show which incorporates dance and multimedia," said Derek Motion, Regional Arts Development Officer with Western Riverina Arts.

"Goodbye Jamie Boyd is based on the novel by Elizabeth Fensham and a powerful one-woman show that is rewarding theatre as well as an impressive educational tool for audiences aged 13 and over."

It tells the story of Anna who has schizophrenia. She experiences delusions of her dead older brother’s presence. Jamie is Anna’s companion, confidant and mentor, but when he becomes possessive and jealous of her real life relationships, coercing Anna to self-harm and to hurt those she holds dear, she realises she must seek help.

The ArtsHub website gave the show four out of five stars and described it as "a frank, thorough piece of theatre… Comedy, tragedy, tension, teenage wisdom and a slow but certain rollercoaster of circumstance grab the interest of the audience."

Monkey Baa is an award-winning company with a mission is to produce high quality theatre programs for young people, their families, teachers and communities throughout Australia and internationally. Underpinning the company’s entire theatre program is the belief that the arts socialise and civilise, and contribute to the development of healthy, adaptable, individuals and communities.

"Many high school students will have the opportunity to see Goodbye Jamie Boyd and we hope they'll talk about the issues raised within the show with friends and family," said Mr Motion. "We're also encouraging friends and family to see the show for themselves so they can discuss it too."

Goodbye Jamie Boyd will be performed on Monday 18 November from 7.30pm at The Roxy Community Theatre. Tickets are $15 adults or $10 concession.

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